Summertime starts here!

Well, last night the clocks changes, and so now we are officially in “British Summer Time” so we will have an extra hour of daylight to enjoy our evenings – although that meant it was an early start for the Malaysian Grand Prix this morning!

However, it seems like no one has told the weather, and looking out the window all I can see is the driving rain, and hear the it beating against the window pane.


Our van isn’t quite ready, we are now hoping that it will be ready just after Easter, and once it arrives we will be using it rain and shine. I have memories of holidays in my parents caravan as a child, and it’s actually quite snug being nice and dry, with the sound of the rain beating against the roof.

So today we are just making sure that we are ready. We have a new Snooper Sat Nav for the van, and I’m currently downloading 3.4Gb of map updates, and then will make sure its loaded with all the latest camp site POI’s (Points of Interest).

I’m keeping an eye on the AutoSleeper Forum, which always has loads of advice, and have just downloaded a Checklist from the Caravan Club to try to make sure wet are ready for our first trip. So still a few things to check, but looking forward to our first trips away.

Roll on the summer…… and an improvement in the weather!


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